{*Best*} Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare? Is one of the greatest question answering and challenging game played by all age groups. Truth or Dare Questions Game is rated as one of the finest night out game for a group of members. Truth or Dare game demands minimal of 5-7 participants. Here are the Loony truth or dare questions.

Truth Questions
These are some of the particular Truth questions which inquired by many teenagers in truth or dare game and were rated the finest.

❤ What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?
❤ Name a Guy/Girl whom you need to Date.
❤ Tell 5 names of your crushes.
❤ Say some disgusting habit’s you have?
❤ Who here would you like to propose if you get a chance?
❤ Give a complement to everyone who are here.
❤ What’s your ex girlfriend/boyfriend name?
❤ What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?
❤ What would you need to do with a million dollars if you ever won the lottery?
❤ If you could change one thing on your body, what would it be?
❤ What’s the daftest thing you have an emotional attachment to?
❤ What’s something you have stolen?
❤ How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
❤ What is your dream occupation?
❤ Who appear more hot among us?
❤ Say 5 bad habits you have?
❤ What is your special gift?
❤ Say good quality qualities of your puppy love.
❤ What are you most scared of?
❤ What can you like in me?
❤ Future wife/husband qualities.
❤ How many boyfriends/Girlfriends have you got?
❤ Can you speak a different language?
❤ whom you adore the most?
❤ What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?
❤ Who is your best friend?
❤ Most hated person in the world?
❤ Are you scared of creatures?
❤ what is the weight?
❤ what can be your favorite spot to spend time?
❤ Whom do you hate the most?
❤ what is your age?
❤ Did you see XXX Videos?
❤ At what time do you awaken in the morning?
❤ What you do when you’re alone at home?
❤ Say something about me!
❤ How many times a day you consume?
❤ Which sort of food you like the most?
❤ Favourite Place you like to see?
❤ What lie have you told that damage someone?
❤ What secret about yourself did you tell someone in self-confidence and then they told a lot of other people?
❤ What is the silliest thing you have an emotional connection to?
❤ What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have caught you doing?

Dare Questions

These are some of the best challenge questions that were performed by many adolescents in truths or challenge game.

❤ Choose anyone here and dance with them.
❤ Act like a Joker for 2 minutes.
❤ Moonwalk while a buddy takes a video.
❤ Prank call someone you know and Propose them.
❤ Spend another round sitting on someone’s lap.
❤ Crack an egg in your head.
❤ Let everyone in the group design your hair and shoot pictures.
❤ Go outside or somewhere public and do the chicken dance.
❤ Action like a girl how do they makeup.
❤ Exchange tops with the man next to you for another round of queries.
❤ Act like a dog and fetch a few objects.
❤ Go out and kiss the first man you encounter.
❤ Wear your pants backward for the rest of the game.
❤ Have a two minute conversation with an inanimate object.
❤ Repeat everything another player says for the next three rounds of the match.
❤ Suck all your fingers.
❤ Ask a guy to put on makeup.
❤ Exchange any item of clothes with the man sitting on either side.
❤ Sing instead of speaking for the following two rounds of the match.
❤ Action like a gorilla for 1 minute.
❤ Go outside and march in the future, singing a tune loud.
❤ Yell your first puppy love name loudly.
❤ Tell a poor joke in an extremely passionate way.
❤ Do a belly dance in the circle of the players.
❤ Say two extremely nice things about every player.
❤ Write a letter to someone you loathe and send it.
❤ Clean the toilet with a toothbrush.
❤ Get someone to kiss you anywhere they choose.
❤ Streak someplace safe rather than illegal.
❤ Keep a finger in the mouth area for the next dare.
❤ Act like a mad man who has escaped from a mental institution.
❤ Let the individual next to you text anyone from your own phone.
❤ Dance unlike any one is watching you.
❤ Tell someone honestly what you think of them.
❤ Carry the individual to your own left around the room.
❤ Always talk for 3 minutes without stopping.
❤ Wear an item of women’s clothes (for men)
❤ Go to your neighbor and request some toilet paper.
❤ Wrap yourself up in toilet paper and take a picture.
❤ Imagine you happen to be in a celebration, Dance mad with no music.
❤ Try licking your elbow.
❤ Immetate any comic you enjoy?
❤ Listen to a tune at high volume
❤ Give a flying kiss to a lady
❤ Hex like sailor for 20 seconds straight.
❤ Make every man in the group smile, keep going until everyone has split a grinned.
❤ Let the group supply you with a fresh hairdo.