How To Be A Good Girlfriend To A Man

The right woman exists; she’s out there.

“Perfect” means something a bit different to each of us. We are all looking in a partner that turn us on, that work for us, that we believe are needed for qualities or specific things; that don’t work for us, just as we are trying to prevent people who have qualities that turn us away.

If you think about it which is astonishing.

If we all had just the exact same kind (in case you wish to call it that), then there will be a good deal of very unhappy men and women nowadays. The only real thing we’re all looking for in a partner is attention — we are trying to find someone who treats us well. Who loves us and wants what’s best for us.

The one thing all guys are searching for — even if they do not understand it just yet — is a good girlfriend.

There are certain things a lady must do in order to be a great girlfriend, and they definitely do not all entail pleasing your man. Let’s be fair: Men aren’t particularly easy to please. Feed them and f*ck them, and they are pretty much all set.

Nonetheless, there are things a man needs that he doesn’t always know he desires. A great girlfriend is the right combination of friend, confidant, lover and guardian angel.

Then be his partner, if you want your man to be incapable of letting go of you. In life and in crime.

1. There are a lot of ways of saying precisely the same exact thing — of getting your message across many other ways. All men are different, yet we all must discover the reality. And like all human beings, we don’t always like the truth. Sometimes the truth is not flattering or is a bit embarrassing. Sometimes our egotism take a hit, which will be unpleasant.

Loving someone and being there for him or her isn’t just about making the best of the great moments, but also making best of the matters that are not so great — softening the blow as much as we can because we don’t desire the one we care about to feel like he or she’s being assaulted or dissed.

Being open with honest and each other is essential to a strong and loving relationship.

Then don’t approach the relationship with negativity, in case you care about your guy. Perfection is flawed, as I mentioned.

2. Work on keeping your sex life exciting and passionate. When the relationship is still new, sex is constantly amazing. As time goes on, however, we find that people have to fuel the excitement ourselves to be able to keep the flame burning.

Obviously, it does take two to tango, so that your guy will need to put within an effort as well. Being the one to take an active part in spicing up or maintaining your sex life will ensure it is a great deal more likely for him to place in an additional effort as well.

” it is a significant section of the equation while there is certainly more to a relationship than the carnal release we call “sex. We adore both physically and emotionally. The other will certainly follow, when one starts to fade.

Sex is imagined to be entertaining; so have fun. Explore. Love it as much as you can now because, let’s be fair, neither of you’re getting any younger.

3. Be his compass, but also his rock.

Life is difficult for everyone. We’re creatures with being amazingly intelligent, yet not smart enough cursed.

No one actually has it simple. Sure, some surely do have it more challenging than others, but from what I Have seen, it seems like even those who have it the most easy manage to create life hard for themselves. Everyone can use a partner to help her or him stay afloat.

No matter how discovered or powerful your guy is, he’ll hit a rocky patch later or sooner. The more powerful he is, the more ambitious he is prone to be. And the more ambitious he’s more likely to be, the larger an egotism he is prone to have. A big ego falling off a mountain that is large will do damage.

In the event that you do, he will almost certainly do the same. You need to be each other’s solid ground, when the world looks like it’s falling apart.


You are loved by your man . For the individual he understands you actually are, although he loves you not for the individual you like individuals to believe you to be.

Be that person. Do not shy away or hide. To the remaining entire world you can be whomever you wish to be, but he merely needs you to be you, when you’re with him.

Girls, and guys equally for that matter, sometimes worry for no real good reason. Our imaginations begin to run crazy, when we really care a whole lot. We begin to stress. We begin to make changes to our appearance or character. He does not want any of that. He only wants you.

We shift as people as we the years go by. We lose sight of the man we once were — a man we loved — and become someone we aren’t particularly fond of.

As a couple, you need to grow together. However, you also need to ensure the parts of you for remain that you each fell. It’ll be the glue that holds your relationship together.